Specialist Equipment


To treat your animal to the best of our ability, we have a range of specialist equipment that assist us in diagnosing health issues. Equipment includes, digital x-rays which gives us immediate radiographs of supreme quality for interpretation and the ability to instantly forward to the specialist centre should it be required.

We also have an Ultrasound that our Vets can use to assist in procedures and use as an imaging tool to further recognise any issues with your pet. For complex ultrasounds, we will organise a specialist Vet to come to our clinic or we will refer your pet to a specialist centre.
Our new dental machine can perform basic scale and polishes and also complex extractions. Being the most up to date machine, enhances dental procedures and ultimately reduces dental surgery time which is better for your pet.
Our most recent addition to our specialist equipment includes IDEXX pathology machines which enables us to run hematology and biochemistry tests in house, as well as SDMA (kidney) tests, rather than send samples away. This means we will have answers within the hour and also reduces the cost for the client.