Fear free


Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital is the only animal clinic in the Northern Rivers area that has Fear Free Certified professionals on staff. We will do whatever it takes to make both you and your pet completely comfortable and stress-free.

We use slow and gentle movements that won’t spook your pet, letting them sit in a private area with minimal distractions and not performing treatment if they are showing signs of distress or anxiety.

For you the owner, we are completely transparent, so you know exactly what to expect with regard to treatments and costs. We’ll also take you on a tour of our newly renovated office so you can see the areas where your pet will have surgery and where they’ll recover.

Our goal is to make you both feel safe, comfortable and fear-free for as long as you’re here.
What is Fear Free Certification?Fear Free is a certification program developed in America and is a relatively new concept here in Australia.

The program has been developed by Certified Veterinary Behaviourists, Veterinary Anaesthetists and practice management specialists.

The program has been developed to teach veterinary professionals specific techniques to create the best emotional environment for the patient during all stages of the visit to Hospital.
How will This Benefit My Pet During a Visit To The Hospital?
Fear, anxiety and stress is a very serious problem during a veterinary visit and patients will often exhibit one or all of these symptoms.

When a patient is fearful or stressed it can mask medical symptoms, delay recovery and healing and affect your pet if he needs to stay in hospital.

We will be using specific learnt techniques to reduce and remove anxiety triggers. This will incorporate Hospital design, Fear Free techniques and tools used throughout the clinic from exam rooms to surgery and Hospital stays.

The entire Team here at Racecourse Road are undergoing certification including reception, veterinarians and nurses.